It started with a cupcake...

The Three Cupcakes Cakery

A humble home-based Cakery in Carnbroe, North Lanarkshire. We've been producing bespoke Wedding and Celebration Cakes, Cupcakes of varying sizes, and much much more, for the past 4 years. Everything is produced to order with the bookings filling up quickly, so it's never too early to get your special occasion booked in!

Brief History

The Three Cupcakes Cakery first found its feet in 2014 by owner, and cake-thusiast, Aileen Maxwell. Originally named "Aileen''s Cupcakes", the idle hobby turned Facebook business flourished and quickly grew. After spending years perfecting her cupcakes, Aileen started looking at producing celebration cakes to order, and began a journey which would have her learning a vast array of cake decorating skills, which she has been honing ever since.
Not one to be idle, she has begun a new challenge. One that will push her decorating abilities even further and fulfil her compulsive passion for attention to detail: Wedding Cakes!

Finding The Three Cupcakes Cakery